Schlage RC11 Mullion Mount IP Reader Controller

Schlage RC11 mullion mount is a next-generation IP reader Single Opening controller designed for scalable and flexible real-time access control in perimeter and high security applications. The all-in-one single opening reader controller leverages the comprehensive ecosystem from Schlage and offers simplified architecture, installation and integration into open PACS solutions, including Pure Access Cloud.


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The Schlage® RC11 is an IP reader controller that combines patented Pure IP™ access technology together with Schlage’s intelligent hardware, delivering a cost-effective all-in-one edge device that easily integrates into open PACS solutions. The Schlage RC reader controller connects direct to existing IT networks; reducing installation time and eliminating the need to run separate power to the door. The Schlage RC reader controller provides real-time connectivity with local mode feature and can be managed in the same system as Schlage NDE and LE wireless locks.

Schlage RC reader controllers provide both a modern look and an advanced feature set. Designed with technology to support Bluetooth®, NFC (Near Field Communication), smart credentials (13.56 MHz) and standard proximity credentials (125 kHz); end users can define their migration path to secure credentials.

The Schlage RC reader controller is designed to work in open physical access control software (PACS) systems


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