Does Schlage have a smart key

Schlage Locks do have smart key capabilities there are three smart home options

Simple Smart Key

The SecureKey is a user-rekeyable lock made by Schlage. It uses five sliders that interact with a sidebar to provide protection against lockpicking and key bumping. Not Available With Smart Home like Google Home

Touch Pin

With the Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt no key means there’s nothing to lose, and for would-be intruders, no cylinder to pick. … No incremental fees or subscriptions Can be used with Smart home, Like Google Home

Proximity & Mobile App

Schlage Fob & mobile credentials deliver access control and a range of transaction options to any NFC-enabled smartphone. With one mobile app, the phone becomes a user’s new ID card. Can be used with Smart Home Like Google Home
Schlage BE467 GRW Deadbolt SecuRe ioTec